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SigSegV1 occured last december and it all went perfectly ! We are already working on SigSegV2 so it will be better than the first edition !


The project

Our association's goal is to create a yearly french event about computer seucrity. The next one will be in the end of 2019. More information soon. Named "SigSegV2", it will be based on three themes: - Advanced technical skill. - Geographical accessibility. - Human sized event. We want to focus on many subjects, as Reverse Engineering, Physical attack demos, Hardware hacking and low level explanation. In order to do so, we will do: - Talks explaining attack and defense techniques. - hacking challenges, in order to mix theory and practice.

The benefits

Creating SigSegV2 event will have benefits for everyone: - Knowledge sharing, one of the main values for hackers. - Show the skill of France in the security field. - Communication, in order to show support for innovative projects. - Show the importance of security as a need. Moreover, a job offers and resume sharing exchange platform can be setup, for everyone who is interested. In this way, partners will be able to discuss in a professional way with customers, in order to share jobs offers, traineeship or even partnerships.

RTFM SigSegV1 Poster

How it works

The event will be set up in this way: - Event scheduled on 24 hours - About 150 people for the second edition. - First part: Hacking talks. - Second part: Hacking challenges. - Prize delivery. We also want to setup for every guest: - A relaxation space for everyone who want to have a rest or discuss with other people. - A catering space. - A "goodies shop" in order to help the association to setup the event. The event will also have an "Underground ambiant" music .


SigSegV1 (Conférences)

Our Meetings

Apart from our yearly event, we organize monthly meetings, in order to develop our community in the best way possible.

RTFMeet / NContact

Every information about meetings is released on our twitter account: @sigsegv_event

We think that, in order to have the best possible community, it is important to establish strong relationships, and to discuss on many topics in a chill environment. In this way, everyone is welcome to join us, if the following code of conduct is respected.

- It is forbidden to take pictures of people without their consent. - Any physical or psycholocigal attack is forbidden. - Racist, sexist, homophobic, or any discrimination is totally forbidden. - Places of event must not be damaged in any way. - It is also forbidden to physically attack any equipment (computers, smartphones, etc). - The RTFM staff is allowed to exclude anyone who doesn't respect this code of conduct.

If this code of conduct is not respected, we can ban for life incriminated people of any of our -or our partners- events.


Who are we?

RTFM is a french "1901 law association" (association déclarée loi de 1901). The staff grew up with Minitel, 56kbps internet, and cathode screens. Since our childhood, we lived with a love for technology and computers. Moreover, we have skills in many fields:

Offensive and defensive security

Data Science

Risk analysis

Professional experience

Communication, marketing, training

Financial risk comprehension

With all these skills in mind, we are able to organize SIGSEGv2 peacefully, thanks to every staff member professional fields.

Out Staff

Our community has about 700 active members, in addition to the staff.


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Our Sponsors

Sogeti is one of the leader in technology services and engineering. Sogeti provides solutions in order to accelerate the digital transformation, and also offers Cloud, Cybersecurity, Digital Manufacturing, Quality Insurance, and Testing expertise.

Created in 2001, NetXP can help in many fields, as Cybersecurity, Cloud computing, Digitl performance and Telecom, with consulting, expertise, and managed services. The company DNA, shared by its employees is: strong technical expertise, quality, provinding solution that fits with customers, and projects succes.

Devoteam is one of he main actor in technology consulting and enterprise management. Our 6700+ employees want to help their customer into the Digital field. Our Risk & Security team gather data protection experts, PCA/PRA solutions, risk & security assessments. Devoteam is located in 18 countries in EMEA and with more than 20 years of experience, we can fit the "Technology to the Human service", in order to create addes values to our customers, partners and employees. In 2018, Devoteam had an annual sales of about 645 M€. At Devoteam, we are “Digital Transformakers”.

Encelis fits the seucity with cognitive sceinces, in order to create rules which are based on our natural skills and out psychology, and want to create a new field: Behavioral securit.

Yogosha helps its customers to create Bug Bounty programs that fits with their needs and defined objectives. Rules, targets, and bounties are clearly defined within a contract which bind customer and security researchers, onto the Yogosha platform.

Company created in Lyon, France, by a Network & Scurity team of experts, AlgoSecure want to help you to bring security in Lyon, Paris, Saint Etienne and Grenoble.

Wavestone is an international consulting company, based in La Défense, Paris. Its "Cybersecurity and Digital Trust" team, with more than 450 people fits with security news and the large field of its assignements. 40 security experts can bring you Penetration Testing and Incident Response thanks to the CERT-Wavestone. These 40 experts are also often asked to do some conferences talks, write blogposts on SecurityInsider or publish tools on our Github Wavestone-CDT et CERT-W.

The 42 IT school was here to help us, in order to lend us place and time for our event.

NewbieContest is part of our partners and of our staff.
"Les seules limites sont les vôtres."

Synacktiv is an IT security company created in 2012 by experts with more than 13 years of experience in the consulting and technical audit.

You want to be a sponsor? You can contact us :)

Our partners

Hardwear.io Security Conference is a platform for hardware and security community where researchers showcase and discuss their innovative research on attacking and defending hardware.

The nullcon conference is a unique platform for security companies/evangelists to showcase their research and technology. Nullcon hosts Prototype, Exhibition, Trainings, Free Workshops, null Job Fair at the conference. It is an integrated and structured platform which caters to the needs of IT Security industry at large in a comprehensive way.

HZV is a law 1901 french association, created in order to gather the community on many projects and events, with the main goal to popularize network/Web/IT security, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, in order to make public aware of these subjects. The association schedule monthly meetins, and one of the biggest french hacking event : Le HACK.

Our volunteers

We want to thanks people who helped us in many ways. Without them, RTFM will not be as it is today:

- Jenaye (CTF help - 3 challenges) - Alkanor (CTF help - 2 challenges) - Stockage (CTF help - 2 challenges) - Iansus (CTF help - 1 challenge) - arnop (CTF help - 1 challenge) - noraj (CTF help - 2 challenges)

Contact us

In order to contact us, you can use:

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